• Quadrilateral Cowboy

    Blendo Games

    Created by L.A.-based designer Brendon Chung, the highly-anticipated Quadrilateral Cowboy is a cyberpunk hacking simulator set in a fictional version of the 1980s. Much of the game takes place in virtual reality, allowing you to play multiple roles to pull off heists in a mind-bending pastiche of 1980s computer culture.

  • Musclecat Showdown

    Natasha Allegri & Major Bueno

    Beefy, muscular cats try to out-pose one another to defend their owners’ honor in Musclecat Showdown, an epic feline bodybuilding contest played with furry controllers. Designed by Bee and PuppyCat creator Natasha Allegri and Major Bueno. Natasha joins us from Los Angeles to show it off.

  • Killer Queen

    Nik Mikros & Josh DeBonis

    Killer Queen is the world’s only ten-player arcade game, designed for two teams of five players competing in two side-by-side cabinets. Like a lost game from the 8-bit era, play as a hive of angry bees to collect berries, ride snails, and save your Queen from destruction. Designers Nik Mikros and Josh DeBonis join us from NYC.

  • Edgar Rice Soirée

    Doug Wilson, Thomas Perl, David Kanaga, Adam Henriksson

    Some games are so big, so elaborate, you’ll never be able to play them at home. Edgar Rice Soirée has only been exhibited twice in the U.S., a competitive four-player game that uses 20 PlayStation Move controllers hanging from the ceiling, constantly shifting colors. Like a modern Tarzan, swing from vine to vine, hanging desperately to your own color while awkwardly blocking others from theirs. Designer Doug Wilson, creator of Johann Sebastian Joust, joins us from NYC.

  • eleVR

    Vi Hart, Andrea Hawksley, Emily Eifler

    eleVR isn’t a game, but an experiment in virtual reality video, an open-source web video player compatible with the Oculus Rift created by Andrea Hawksley, Emily Eifler, and mathemusician/badass Vi Hart, who spoke at last year’s XOXO.

  • Bennett Foddy’s Speed Chess

    Bennett Foddy

    Imagine chess for 16 simultaneous players, with no waiting between turns, turning the thoughtful strategy game into a brutal, chaotic deathmatch that ends in seconds. Welcome to Bennett Foddy’s Speed Chess, from the creator of QWOP, GIRP, and Super Pole Riders, featured at last year’s XOXO.

  • Tenya Wanya Teens

    Keita Takahashi

    Tenya Wanya Teens is a silly party game about adolescence and awkwardness created by Keita Takahashi, the creator of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy. Two players compete on custom 16-button controllers, “trying desperately to not say or do the wrong thing at the wrong time.” It will be presented by Wild Rumpus's Marie Foulston and Venus Patrol's Brandon Boyer, who both commissioned the game.

  • Close Castles

    Asher Vollmer

    The new game from Threes! creator Asher Vollmer, Close Castles is an adorably minimalist real-time strategy/tower defense game for four players, in which players run a castle too close to its neighbors, send villagers to destroy others, and try to be the last castle standing.

  • Night in the Woods

    Alec Holowka, Scott Benson & Bethany Hockenberry

    Night in the Woods is a lushly-illustrated adventure game about Mae, a college dropout who moved back in with her parents in the small town of Possum Springs, uncertain about her future. With a focus on narrative and a cast of anthropomorphic animals, the game was made possible by a blockbuster Kickstarter project that raised over $200k from 7,372 fans. Aquaria designer Alec Holowka and co-writer Bethany Hockenberry will be at XOXO to share their work in progress.

  • Panoramical

    Fernando Ramallo & David Kanaga

    Panoramical is a series of musical landscapes with analog controls, a music and visual exploration game by designer Fernando Ramallo and Proteus composer David Kanaga. Controlled with a custom DJ controller, each slider and knob affects what you see and hear. Fernando joins us from Berlin to show it off.

  • Please Don’t, Spacedog!

    KO-OP Mode

    In Please Don’t, Spacedog!, you’re a space truck driving instructor teaching Spacedog to pilot a truck. He’s not a very good student. Your dashboard controls, played on the Oculus Rift with an AKAI LPD8, are modeled in virtual reality for an immersive and absurd experience. From Montreal’s KO-OP Mode, designer Bronson Zgeb will be at XOXO.